How Backups Work

At SkyVault360, our goal is to make sure that no matter what happens to your computer, your files stay safe. How? Read below to learn more!

Steps of a backup:

  1. You download the program. This is the first step, and ensures all of your data can be protected.
  2. Every hour, the program will run a "scan" to take an inventory of all of the files that need to be backed up. It then compares those files to the files already being backed up to save time and energy by only backing up new or edited files!
  3. The files to be backed up are compressed and encrypted using military-grade AES 256-bit SSL security. 
  4. The files are transferred to our data centers in the UK for safekeeping.
  5. Upon arrival, the files are encrypted again using another layer of AES 256-bit SSL security
  6. Using redundant backups and storage across multiple drives configurations, we ensure your files are safe regardless of what happens to your computer or our data centers

Once your files are safe, they can be viewed from anywhere by the account owner (YOU). If your computer crashes, you can also use our built-in "Bulk Restore" feature to bring back all of your lost data without any stress!

Now you know how SkyVault360 works. Once you're set up, you can relax and let the automatic backup work for you - enjoy your new protection!



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