Download the Software


Customers using Windows XP or Vista SP1 should download V1.16 Link
Customers using Mac OS X 10.6.8 – 10.7 should download V1.16 Link

More recent versions of Windows: Link
More recent versions of Mac: Link


For an illustrated guide, please visit


Once you sign in to your web portal, you'll see a prompt to download the software for either PC or Mac. The type of computer will be automatically detected. Click on one of the buttons to start the download. Alternately, you'll see Downloads tab to the left side of the screen - clicking here will take you to the downloads page where you can install the software.

Once you've clicked the link to download the software, the simple step by step installer will take you through everything you need to configure it on your computer.


Step 1: Visit your Personal Website. This was provided in your welcome email after you set up your account, and will look like "". You can ignore any messaging about sharing files!

Step 2: Log in. Click the orange button to Log In and then enter your SkyVault360 email address and password. You were provided both the email and password in your welcome email.

Step 3: Click "Switch to Web Portal" to go to your main dashboard, where you can download the software.

Step 4: Download the software.

Step 5: Run your first backup scan!



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    To renew, I had to use my old laptop computer which I signed up before. I use my smartphone more now, and one my smartphone, I cannot enter my CC zipcode. It is a Samsung Galaxy S7.

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