What Is Your Online Portal?

Your Online Portal is a personal website that you can use to download the program, view your files from any device, and change your account settings. Below is a complete guide.

1.1          Devices

The devices page is the default page shown to you after logging in. It shows the current status of backups on the various devices linked to the account.

Devices 01a


The View Backup button on a device will show the files and folders that are backed up from that device.

Devices 01b 

If a computer is no longer in use, that device can be removed from the account by clicking on the ‘X’ in the Device view. You can choose either to remove the device but keep all the backed up files or remove everything. 

 Devices 01c


1.2          Briefcase

You can also view the contents of your Briefcase online.

 Breifcase 02a 

From here you can choose to add folders to your Briefcase, upload files and folders to your Briefcase or view hidden and deleted files.


You can click on files in the Briefcase to view these in greater detail.

Briefcase 02b 

You have several options when viewing files in your Briefcase:



- download the file to the your current device


- lets you invite specific people to view the file or make it available for public viewing.


- the new name is reflected in the Briefcase folder.


- allows you to edit Office and image files online.


- you can use this to revert to previously saved versions of the file.


Sharing has been given a new cleaner interface:

Briefcase 02c

Clicking on an audio or video file in the Briefcase will start to stream that file in a dedicated panel:

Briefcase 02d

Briefcase 02e

Improved icons and image thumbnails:

Briefcase 02f


1.3          Account

The account section allows you to view and amend your personal and account details.


1.3.1           Your Details

This page contains your contact and password details, the plan you are currently on, your personal web address as well as information on how you can close their account.

Account 03a


1.3.2           Billing & Invoices

The Billing & Invoices page provides you with information on your transactions with Livedrive and the date of any future transactions, such as renewals, that are due to occur. You can also view and amend their payment details on this page.

Account 02b


1.3.3           Add-Ons

On this page you can choose to purchase add-ons for your account. The add-ons available to purchase are; additional computer backup, NAS drive backup and Briefcase space.

Account 03c


1.4          Download

You can download different versions of the client from this page:

Download 04


1.5          Support

The Support pages provide information on how to access cloud support and contact Livedrive.

Support 05a 

You can view the file types that are excluded from your backup by clicking on ‘file exclusion list’.


1.5.1           Mac File Exclusions

Support 05b 


1.5.2          Windows File Exclusions

Support 05c


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