Backup Process

Understanding the Backup Process

The software goes through several stages when backing up your computer:

1. Scan for new and changed files - the scan runs through all the files and subfolders of the folders you nominated to backup or in the Briefcase

2. Updates are detected (file creations, deletions or moves) are detected and added to the Status queue

3. The software creates the folder structure on our servers, and creates file place holders for all the files

4. New or changed files are sorted by priority and added to the Upload queue.

5. The software runs through the Upload queue, filling the file place holders with the file content.

Please note that the more files you choose to backup, the longer the scan takes, and the longer it will be to replicate the folder structure on our data center.

Depending on the number of files you chose to upload, the initial scan can take a few hours to complete - it needs to constantly be talking to our servers, creating file placeholders, and folder structures that mimic what is on your computer.

Once the initial scan and backup is complete the later scans run through much more quickly. Only files which have been added to your backup selection and any files that have been changed since the last scan will be backed up.


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