Windows - Add Folders

Windows Users: How to Add Folders to Backup

Learn how to add folders to your Livedrive Backup.

You can amend your backup selection after your initial backup is complete.

Please note: it is only possible to select folders for backup and not individual files. If you wish to add individual files for backup, please add the files to a folder or select the root folder. 

To add a folder to the backup selection: 

Please note: only select data folders (documents, videos, music, etc). Do not select your entire hard drive for backup. 

Method 1

1. Click on the Livedrive icon

2. Select Manage Backups

3. Expand your C:\ and your Users folder

4. Find your username 

5. Select the folders you wish to add to backup

6. Click OK


Method 2

1. Right click on the folder

2. Select Livedrive

3. Then click Backup with Livedrive Backup

Add folder to backup

To review or modify the list of folders for backup, simply click on Manage Backups. 

Any files removed from your backup selection will be marked as deleted online, and will be held for for 30 days before being permanently removed from our servers.


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