Backing Up External Drive - Windows

Windows Users: How to Backup your External USB Hard drive

With Livedrive Backup, Pro Suite or Business accounts, you can backup your external USB hard drives.

Backups are not to be used for archiving. You must at all times hold an original copy of the data in the original location, on the system it was backed up from. If you delete files from your computer that have been backed up, we will remove the corresponding backup from our servers.

As Backup is a mirrored copy of the files/folders you select, you must ensure that the device is attached to your computer when running Livedrive.

If the device is disconnected whilst Livedrive is running, then the previously uploaded files will be marked for deletion on your web portal. 


Things to Remember When Backing your External HD

  1. You must ensure that the device is attached whilst running Livedrive
  2. Do not select the root of the external hard drive; only select files/folders within the device
  3. You must select at least 1 file from your local drive for backup before selecting your external HD files/folders

Please note: We do not support the backup of removable or portable media (e.g. pen drives, CDs, DVDs, flash drives, mobile devices, iPods, etc) due to the way the Operating Systems categorises the devices. Whereas external HDs are read by the OS as local hard drives and therefore these can be backed up with the Livedrive software. 

How to Backup your External USB HD

1. Ensure that the external hard drive is attached and running on your computer

2. Click on the Livedrive icon

3. Select Manage Backups

4. Expand the letter assigned to the external device

5. Select the files & folders within the external HD - Do not select the root of the device for backup

6. Click OK

That’s it! Livedrive will now start backing up your external HD. Your web portal will display the backup as a folder within your backup set.

Backup of external hd

Backup of external hd


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