Scheduling Scans

Configure your Backup Scheduled Scans

Learn how to set up your schedule scans settings for your backup. 

Once your initial backup is complete, you can set your Livedrive software to run schedule scans of your files and folders to check for any changes made to the file.

Livedrive will upload modified files during the scan and save the file as another version. 

The schedule scan can be set to backup once every hour (up to once every 48 hours)between certain times or real time


To configure your Livedrive schedule scans

1. Click on the Livedrive icon, which can be found next to the date and time on your desktop.

2. Select Manage Backups

3. Click on the Settings tab

4. Choose your schedule scan settings - Scheduled backup. Please note: do NOT choose Realtime backup.

Schedule Scan Settings



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