Select Folders to Back Up

Backup Selection

Backup Selection allows you to do three specific actions; view which folders are currently being backed up, add any new folders that you would like to back up, and view and change the backup schedule.

Backup Selection allows you to add or remove any folders on your computer by simply clicking the checkbox next to the folder name to select or deselect the folder in question or using the add another folder button.


When you choose to add a folder you are directed to another screen on the client that allows you to navigate through your system from top level volumes and drives and select which of these you want to backup. You can add folders to your backup by clicking on the Add button.


If you decide to remove a folder from the backup, once the checkbox is de-selected the background colour of the bar will change colour to red and after you confirm you want this removed the folder bar will disappear from the table.

05g Settings.png

If a folder has been renamed since the last time you accessed the client, the folder row will show a pink background and you user will be prompted to uncheck and remove this. Once this is done you user can then add the folder again under its recent title.


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