Why is the First Backup Taking So Long?

You've just set up your backup, and you're ready for your files to be protected...but the backup is estimated to take longer than expected! What should you do?

The answer is: stay calm.

First, some good news - that estimate is very conservative, and the backup usually won't take that long. You're likely to be done significantly more quickly than expected!

The other good news is that only your **first backup** takes more than a few minutes, and it might be helpful to ask why. Well, the first time you back up, EVERY file on your computer is being backed up at once. Every existing document, photo, and video is being uploaded at the same time.

To make sure your computer is still usable during the backup, the upload may take some time (based on backup size and internet speed). While your files are being uploaded this first time, you can use the computer as normal. You can turn it off, you can browse the internet, visit Facebook, check your email, even restart or power off. You shouldn't even notice it running in the background! The backup will typically finish up well before your trial ends, and then you'll be protected forever.

After it's done, you'll notice any new file is backed up in minutes, not hours or days. That's because it only has to protect new files, not EVERY file all at once!

If you have any questions, our support team is ready to help - but remember, as the Livedrive program says: "Your initial backup may take some time"!



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